Il est temps d'écrire votre propre légende dans l'Ouest.

Once upon your time®


Epic living immersive adventures

The Ultimate Western® is an immersive adventure to be experienced LIVE in the American West at the end of the 19th century.

Unique in the world, this journey in real immersion is carried out exclusively in the Fort Bravo – Texas Hollywood film studios, at the gateway to the Tabernas Desert in Andalusia, in the heart of mythical locations where the most emblematic westerns were filmed. 

Exceptional settings, movie costumes, horses, stuntmen, stagecoaches, saloons and banks ready to be attacked…
The world created by the Ultimate Western allows you to embody, for a few unforgettable days, a fictional character from the history of the Far-West.

A unique opportunity, to discover and seize, to enter an adventure that you never imagined you could live.

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