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It is time to write your own legend in the Wild West

The Ultimate Western® is an immersive live action adventure (larp) set in the american Wild West.

Unique in the world, this live action role playing adventure is carried out exclusively in the Fort Bravo – Texas Hollywood film studios, at the gateway to the Tabernas Desert in Andalusia, in the heart of mythical locations where the most emblematic westerns were filmed. 

Exceptional settings, movie costumes, horses, stuntmen, stagecoaches, saloons and banks ready to be robbed…
The world created by the Ultimate Western serie allows you to embody, for a couple of days, a fictional character living adventures in the Far-West.

1863 - New Mexico territory

Civil war is closing in. At east there is thunder, nearby Texas is divided, up north, indian territory and the west bound frontier all the way down to Mexican border are roamed by comanches. Using the dangerous Santa Fé trail, some intrepids are pushing westward to find their own Eldorado. Few are making it though.

Fort Hood was originally an advanced wooden outpost set on the border. The little town that grew in few years near the big wooden poles of the Fort defenses is taking advantage of the settlers on the Santa Fe Trail and the prospectors who were already imagining making their fortune in the area and in neighboring Arizona where silver veins have been identified. Located on the border, its position encouraged trade but also all kinds of smuggling. In town, the three most influential families, thanks to their LongHorn cattle ranch activities, contribute generously to its development. One morning in May, while Sheriff Williams is investigating the disappearance of John Taylor, a strange cavalry enters the town…


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