THE ultime western universe

The iconic american wild west into the most unique LARP

We’ll take you on a journey in the Wild West !
To live those adventures, the original scenarios of the Ultimate Western offers you a first class role to rewrite the history and fiction of the American West between 1860 and 1900. Thus, you will discover two towns separated by the border between Mexico and the United States.
The exclusive scenarios you will live and the characters you will play are a fiction based on a historical context. This context is used to feed your imagination, the stories and allows you to decide the fate and future of the story going ! Outlaws, Apache and comanches, civil war consequences, Mexican revolution, pistoleros as well as lawmen…

From history to... your own story !

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Based on the history of the United States, we design the scenarios of the Ultimate Western to be lived in the fictional towns of LaHood and Paso del Loco. It is here, in this desert, that the story becomes… your story!

The territory that serves as the backdrop for your adventure is a region of North America that encompasses Texas, Arizona, New Mexico and Mexico. This vast area is made up of desert lands, fertile valleys and impressive rios. The Spanish Tabernas Desert, the only desert in Europe, is very close to the western territories of the United States where your adventures take shape. This is the land of the Mescalero, Chiricahuas and Jicarillas Apaches, led by the Cochise, Geronimo and Navajos, but also close to the vast Comancheria: the territory of the Comanches and Kiowa.

360° immersion in the most unique movie location in the world !

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You’ve already seen these settings, these grandiose landscapes. They have been on your screens in cinemascope for years and so many westerns, TV shows, pictures, … 

A small town of cowboys and a Mexican village at the end of the 19th century. Isolated on the border between the United States and Mexico. There is dust, tumbleweed crossing the street, creaking boards and its usual saloon, its bank, its sheriff’s office, its General Store, its Marechal ferand, its stables,… Everything is there! 

This is where your adventure begins. It is in the sand of its streets that your boots will walk, that the leather of your belt will creak and that you will hang the reins of your horse!

So, while you wait for the Tucson or Santé Fé stagecoach to come by, take a look! It’s all real!  Welcome to the West, to your story, the one you’re about to write.