Your costume

Get dressed for the Wild West !

You are going to participate to the Ultime Western adventure? Then you need a proper outfit for your character. This gallery will help you to imagine your costume ! 

Forget the clean white shirts, the brand new hats, the freshly ironed pants!

Get out your old grandfather’s vests, your long skirts, your shirts and blouses, your flayed velvet jacket, your grated leather, your old boots, your grandmother’s petticoats, your shawl and your scarves!

A saloon flamer with his lace ruffle, a cowboy with his sheepskin, a doctor with her simple and practical dress! Treat yourself!

The Earp style
The cow boy style
The Land Lord style
The Classy bastard style
The Calamity style
The bad girl style
The Lady style
The ranch boss Lady
The Sam Elliot style
The Rough style
The bad guy style
The Bartender boss style
The Journalist style
The alien style
The Tenderfoot style
The Apache style
The Pinkerton style
The Sheriff style

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