Et si, pour une fois...

Once upon your time®

The world biggest immersive adventure in the wild west genre !

What if, for once in your life… you were someone else, under the costume and in the skin of a heroine of the Far-West, a cowboy far from his ranch or a Marshall in search of desperados?

What if, for once in your life… you were plunged into the heart of a real movie where your encounters, your discoveries, your choices and your actions decide your fate?

What if, for once in your life… you were to take part in a journey through time and film to become one of the actors in an epic story in the fictionalized universe of the legend of the Wild West ?

Epic and immersive !

The Ultimate Western is an incredible adventure to live for real, imagined in 2002 and produced since 2010. A unique production in the world exclusively set in partnership at Fort Bravo – Texas Hollywood movie studios (Andalusia), legendary studios of Sergio Leone and in which you will have the privilege, during several days, to fit in the heroes of our scenarios and to plunge in the heart of the legends and the intrigues of the Wild West.


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