The world biggest adventure LARP in the wild west genre !

What if, for once in your life… you were someone else, under the costume and in the skin of a heroine of the Far-West, a cowboy far from his ranch or a Marshall in search of desperados?

What if, for once in your life… you were plunged into the heart of a real movie where your encounters, your discoveries, your choices and your actions decide your fate?

What if, for once in your life… you were to take part in a journey through time and film to become one of the actors in an epic story in the fictionalized universe of the legend of the Wild West ?

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In 1863, while east of the continent is at war, somewhere west, along the Mexican border, in the New Mexico territory, the little cattle town of LaHood tried to develop by taking advantage of the settlers on the Santa Fe Trail and the prospectors who  hope to make their fortune in the area and in neighboring Arizona where silver veins had been recently identified and look promising. LaHood was at first only an advanced military and commerce, throughout the years it developped by local ranch owners and trade along the frontier in fear of regular raids by apaches, comanches raiders and various types of border ruffians. Near the old outpost, a small town grew in a few years, built from ground and backed to an old abandonned spanish pueblo named Paso del Loco. Located not far from the Mexican border, its position encouraged trade but also all kinds of smuggling. In town, the influential families, with their LongHorn cattle, contributed generously to the development of the small town. Thus not yet incorporated, the town grows business in a wild, harsh and dangerous land. Few communication lines are passing through, keeping a link with major towns north, east Texas and West Arizona.

Epic and immersive !

The Ultimate Western is full scale Live Action Role playing adventure (LARP), imagined in 2002 and produced since 2010. A unique production in the world exclusively in exclusive partnership at Fort Bravo – Texas Hollywood movie studios (Andalusia), legendary studios of Sergio Leone and in which you will have the privilege, during several days, to fit in the heroes of our scenarios and to plunge in the heart of the legends and the intrigues of the Wild West.

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