The Ultime Western : an Epic immersive living adventure© for those who dare…

Once upon YOUR time© !

A life-time adventure, a time-travel moment, a film where you are the hero for several days ! Investigations, intrigues to solve, action ! All this for (almost) real where you decide, you make your choices and you live the consequences ! More than 100 fictional characters who, like you, will deep your experience into wild history of the American West !

FAQ Ultime Western 2021 « Tortuga »

Depending on the scenario, you will be living this adventure for 5 to 7 days time !

Your character will be written based on the general scenario and your wishes and ideas. A Background story of your character will be supplied to you and, ike a little novel, will contain all what your character need to know.

Yes and they are quite simple ! All actions that can’t be simulated are solved by a card draw ! All guests have that 32 card deck to face situations !

example: decide who is gonna win this fist-fight !  After, you just have to simulate it 🙂

No, when you decide to be off the set (lunch or sleep), your character is off-set.

Due to the special nature of the location, it is essential that you follow the ‘safety instructions’ provided (fire, gun fights simulation, safety for others,…). Our organization enforce safety and reserves the right to suspend your participation in the event of an incident or serious breach (of the safety of others or of the site and its personnel), and to remove you from the adventure. Safety First is the rule !

My registration for the next adventure ?

If you have registred on our website, you will receive information on tickets openging for the next editions. From that, complete the registration process ! Simple no ?

Subscribe to our newsletter or registration form. Receinve the information on tickets opening. Follow the process !

Depending on the adventure you will choose, your accomodation choice, travel, costume (if needed), prices will varie from 1000€ to 2000€.

Food and accommodations

Depending on your choice, you will be proposed various options from old west tent camp to full accommodation wooden cabin and high class old west hotel rooms.

Breakfast, lunch and diner along with beverages are included. Extra drinks can be taken at Saloon and mexican cantina !

My travel to the Studios and The Ultime Western !

Take a low-cost flight ! There are numerous flights available to Almeria Airport (15mn away drive from the studios !)

As a guest, you will be welcomed the day before the adventure starts and we will take care of your proper setting !