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A life-size western adventure, a time travel, a real life adventure where you are one of the heroes of a story for several days! Investigations, intrigues, and action! All this for (almost) real. So you live in the movie, you decide, you make your choices and their consequences. Thus, with more than 200 fictional characters who, like you, will write the romantic history of the American far-west!

Producing the Ultime Western®

A unique adventure production, built like and with the means of the cinema, The Ultimate Western brings you onto the set of a film in which you are the hero!

The adventures of the Ultimate Western are varied. They are built with nearly 8,000 pages of script in order to offer you twists and turns, characters (more than 600 roles), grandiose movie sets and an immersive and vast landscape, horses, stagecoaches, wagons, more than 300 combinations of costumes and accessories, more than 10 interior sets… everything is there to make you live a unique experience !

An epic immersive adventure

The Ultimate Western is an immersive adventure out of the ordinary ! The use of film studios allows a realization to the measure of your expectations.

Our production uses cinema resources that would be difficult to gather or even hope for on any other event. 

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