It is time to write your own legend in the Wild West…

The Ultime Western is a unique LARP (Live Action Roel Playing that will take you back at the end of the XIXth century into the Wild West. A 5 days unique  LARP adventure in an exceptionnal location on the gate of the desert in South Spain. Our game takes place at the Fort Bravo Texas Hollywood Cinema Studio, the authentic original set built by Sergio Leone for the Dollar Trilogy.

The 2016 Edition has travelled players back in 1876 and follows the 2014 Edition (timed in 1874) where the heroes had to succeed from the most infamous villain: John William Rutherford aka ButcherBill !

The forthcoming edition 2018 will take you to 1878 to continue the adventure and write another page of cities of LaHood and Paso del Loco, sister town and lost places in the New Mexico territory.