Dare the Wild West
Be a cowboy
All is real

Once upon YOUR time ©

A lifesize western adventure, a travel in time, an immersive live experience where you are the hero of a fiction for several days ! Investigations, intrigues to solve, action ! All this for (almost) real where you decide, you make your choices and you live the consequences ! More than 100 fictional characters who, like you, will plunge into the epic history of the American Far West!

The production of The Ultime Western®

Imagining, preparing and building such a production requires 2 years of organization for each edition. A Massive work to set everything right for pure moments on immersion, set the lodging and the catering on the spot of 120 to 200 participants who are going to live the adventure during 5 days, and to write the scenarios and characters who are going to compose it.

The adventures of the Ultimate Western progress over time, each scenario and the characters involved must be created taking into account the local history of previous editions and of course the actions of the participants who bring the two cities to life. All characters are written for the participants in order to create a real connection and an epic scenario. Waht do you want to be ? what to do you want to live ? You ake your choices, you take your risks, all is real ! Eeach Ultime Western will lead you to decide the future of your character, of the community, of the way the story goes. No need to be an actor, jut follow your intution, melte in and discover new friends !

Nearly 8000 pages of scenario, 400 roles, more than 300 documents (titles, administrative documents, newspapers,…), a newspaper « The LaHood Chronicle » coming out every morning, horses, stagecoaches, wagons, more than 300 combinations of costumes and props, more than 10 interior sets installed and more than 40km of paths and tracks explored on horseback and on foot to place the exterior elements of your adventure !

Where fiction meet history, adventure and romance: Epic !

The Ultime Western is an immersive adventure with no comparison ! Unique, ultimate, lifesize, it will thrill you and blow your mind !

Our production uses movie size means to deep you in the oldwest: props, sets, interiors, horses, costumes… All looks real because they are real ! Get your gear and saddle up, pal ! Working in full trust with the exceptionnal Fort Bravo cinema Studios allow us to offer a unique experience to the adventurers that join up !

We use real oldwest wagons, stagecoachs, most of them you have already seen on the screen, some are even originals pieces ! Stunts are hired to allow thrilling sequences !