The essentials about The Ultime Western

FAQ Ultime Western

In May 2023, it will be 6 days in the studios including 4 days of LARP western adventure.
The dates are still be settled for the international run and depend of a sufficient number of people to set this in-english run of the “Fort Hood” scenario.

Your character will be written based on the general scenario and proposed to you after discussion. A Background story of your character will be supplied to you and will contain all what your character needs to know.

No, lunch and diner are off-game. When you go to sleep you are off-game.

Due to the special nature of the location, it is essential that you follow the ‘safety instructions’ provided (fire, gun fights simulation, safety for others,…). Our organization enforce safety and reserves the right to suspend your participation in the event of an incident or serious breach (of the safety of others or of the site and its personnel), and to remove you from the adventure. Safety First is the rule !

Registration, prices, and more !

If you have registred on our website, you will be infored of the opening access to tickets. From that, get your ticket ! Simple no ?

Subscribe to our registration form. Receive the information on tickets opening. Follow the process !

For May 2023, regular ticket prices run from 1080 to 1290€. Tickets include character writing, access to the 6 days at the studios, food and beverage, guns and ammo supplied by our company (no other guns nor replicas are allowed for the adventure), and some extra stuff !

Lucky you ! We have a costume rental offer ! Your ticket aleardy include your gun and holster but we can get you a real old west looking costume (with extra dust !). If you have your own (because you are a total fan of the era) we only need to get a picture of you in it to make sure it looks appropriate.

Basically your travel to the studios ‘Spain). We know that people like to consider this adventure as a part of a trip to Spain so it gives them free opportunity to set their lodging as they pleased. Prices are very cheap for a night room (from 35 to 65€ night in average).

Absolutely ! You only have to choose between Bungalow or dormitories. Your ticket is all-inclusive for 6 days – 5 nights.

They are part of the deal (included with your ticket !). breakfast, lunch and diner + Finale party “Fiesta Finale” BBQ. Extra beverages are to pay at the studio saloon and we have our own saloon (in game) where you can get extra drinks !

My travel to the Studios and The Ultime Western !

Take a low-cost flight ! There are numerous flights available to Almeria Airport (20mn away drive from the studios !)

As a guest, you will be welcomed the day before the adventure starts. We will then set your costume and props, give your “game” dollars and exclusive photoshoot !