The essentials about The Ultime Western

Location, duration, accommodation,...

The Ultime Western LARP are set in the Fort Bravo Cinema Studios in Andalusia (south of Spain). A cinema studio of 30ha size and surrounded by the Tabernas desert. A full scale old west town built in the 60’s for the spaghetti western films.

The LARP welcome 90 players only !

The “Fort Hood” LARP – international run – will be played in english.

Exactly ! You have access to the whole studio that we set up for the game and its scenario: saloons, cantina, general store, sheriff’s office, bank, etc… and all the outside areas where you might find yourself chasing thugs !

Almost ! While the majority of the studio and outdoor areas will be open and prepared for the adventure, other areas that are private or reserved for our production team will not be accessible. These areas will be prominently marked as “out of game”.

The International Run (Nov. 2023) will be 6 days in the studios including 4 days of LARP adventure.

From Tuesday Nov. 7th to Sunday Nov. 12th 2023 to play the “Fort Hood” scenario.

Your character will be written based on the general scenario and proposed to you after discussion. A Background story of your character will be supplied to you and will contain all what your character needs to know.

No, lunch and diner are off-game. When you go to sleep you are off-game.

es, lighting effects will be part of the adventure. Shots can be fired, horses galloping,… Special effects can be used for some scenes (smoke, objects, scenery,…). It is therefore not recommended for people suffering from epilepsy, who can’t stand lights, loud noises or heart problems to participate.

Due to the special nature of the location, it is essential that you follow the ‘safety instructions’ provided (fire, gun fights simulation, safety for others,…). Our organization enforce safety and reserves the right to suspend your participation in the event of an incident or serious breach (of the safety of others or of the site and its personnel), and to remove you from the adventure. Safety First is the rule !

Registration, prices, and more !

If you have registred on our website, you will receive exclusive access to the Early bird tickets. From that, get your ticket ! Simple no ?

Subscribe to our registration form. Receive the information on tickets, follow the process, book and join the Facebook private group !

“Get access to the Early bird prices here”.
For Nov. 2023, regular ticket prices run from 1090 to 1690€. Tickets include character writing, access to the 6 days at the studios, food and beverage, guns and ammo supplied by our company (no other guns nor replicas are allowed for the adventure), and some extra stuff !

Lucky you ! We have a costume rental offer ! Your ticket aleardy include your gun but we can get you a real old west looking costume (with extra dust !). If you have your own (because you are a total fan of the era) we only need to get a picture of you in it to make sure it looks appropriate to the character we propose.

No. We supply the gun and its ammos. Due to Spanish fire arms regulation (including replicas and blanks) + flights to Spain, you are not allowed to bring other guns than those we supply. This does not apply to LARP latex weaponery of course.

Basically your travel to the studios (Spain). We know that people like to consider this adventure as a part of a larger trip to Spain so it gives them free opportunity to set their trip aside the LARP.

See all details here

Absolutely ! You only have to choose between bungalows, dormitories or hotel rooms. Your ticket is all-inclusive for 6 days – 5 nights.
 = Check out the deals and register to get exclusive access to Early birds ticket prices !

They are part of the deal (included with your ticket !): breakfast, lunch and diner + Finale party “Fiesta Finale” BBQ. Extra beverages are to pay at our own saloon (in game) !

Here is a summary of the conditions for exchanging, transferring or cancelling your ticket:
Exchange (free of charge) of your ticket for another date (subject to availability) up to 3 months before the LARP. For this, please contact us.
Transfer (free of charge) of your ticket to another person up to 3 months before the LARP. For this, please contact us.
Deposit: Cancellation and refund (free of charge) of your ticket during the legal withdrawal period (14 days from the date of purchase), you can request a full refund of your purchase (withdrawal form). For more details, please consult our General terms.
Total ticket paid: Cancellation and refund. If you cancel, no refund will be made. unless you find and transfer your ticket to a new player. You shall inform us.

It may be cancelled in the event of force majeure and/or insufficient participants. The minimum number of participants below which we reserve the right to cancel the scheduled date is 60 people. In case of cancellation by our company, your ticket will remain valid for a rescheduled date or as a credit note for one of our upcoming other events.

My travel to the Studios and The Ultime Western !

Take a low-cost flight to Almeria Airport (LEI) via Madrid or Barcelona or Valencia or Malaga ! There are numerous flights available to Almeria Airport (20mn away drive from the studios !). Get a taxi there and he will take you to the studio for a cheap deal !

As a guest, we ask that you arrive on Tuesday November 7th before 10pm (the start date of your stay). Upon your arrival you will be guided by our team who will give you access to your accommodation and to the fitting of your costume if you have requested one (depending on your arrival time). Your accommodation and meals are provided on Tuesday evening. What happens if I arrive late on Tuesday night ? If you arrive late on Tuesday evening, you must inform us in advance (plane delay, travel problems) in order to open the studios (closing time 7:30 pm). The game starts on  Wenesday, so it is necessary to arrive the day before. If you are running late, we will do what is necessary to accommodate you but no refund or discount will be given for what you have missed by arriving late.

As a guest, you will be welcomed the day before the adventure starts (Tuesday 7th). We will then set your costume and props, give your “game” dollars and exclusive photoshoot, wlecome you to your bed and enjoy the diner in the studios !