A little history


The golden age of the wild west…

The scenarios of the Ultime Western sessions roll a creative and fictionnal history of the west along the editions (1860-1900), where you will follow the life of sister cities across the border between Mexico and the News Mexico Territory. From that, the scenario advance in time with 2 main heroes: the pueblo Paso del Loco and The city of LaHood.

Thus it is not reenactment but pure LARP, the historical context is used to feed the stories of each edition and give time indications for the players. The real history of both America and Mexico is serving the scripts and sometimes twisted a little to fit the needs of our writtings. You can then cross the real story of the transcontinental railroad and its main characters, the apache wars, the Mexican revolutionsn… Many references to history that will bring more credibility to your living time character.

A little geography

The original New Mexico territory embraces the current states of New Mexico, Arizona and a small part of Nevada.This wide area is of desertic land, fertile valley and impressive rios. The spanish Tabernas desert is very close to the US original location. This land is land of Apaches Mescaleros, Chiricahuas et Jicarillas, leaded by Cochise, Geronimo, Mangas Colorados as well as Navajos of Manuelito, and some other peacefull tribes.

Americans regroup in small cities, generally close to US Army outposts like Las Cruces, Albuquerque, SantaFe, Flagstaff, Tucson and Phoenix.

The situation and historical context

Starting in early 1860 is the great west conquest along with major political movements. This situation focused on the scripts of our LARP has to serve the writtings. In the US, the Civil War (1861-1865) is a slaughter. Though LaHood and the New Mexico territory are not directly into it, the terrible events of this era had an impact in this lost part of the desert. In 1862, the main land barons (Howard littlejohn, Henry Wilcox et John Chisum,…) will have to choose side, risking then the entire peacefull area to side along with them.

In Mexico, it is civil war between Emperor Maximilien (supported by the french) and Bénito Juarez. In Paso del Loco, the city is holded by Don Del Castillo and General Hermano “El Bruto” de Cordoba.

From 1866 to 1872, it is business rising, gold rush and big herds of cattle. The transcontinental railroad will boost activities and start the final rush for western plains. The frontier is still wild for many, natives are far from being into reservation and this whole historical context serves the scenario of 2012.

In october 1872, the confederate renegade John-William Rutherford, mostly know by all under the name of ButcherBill, has ruined all hopes of the cities after having taken the places by force. Bringing hell to the people for 2 years (72-74), he hasn’t been chased by law… very strange, why ?. In october 1874, he is finally shot after his wedding in the city of LaHood, closing the end of the Ultime Western 2014 titled “The Butcher City Law”

Good fortune is now back as we set the 2016 edition in 1876, fex months after the Little big horn drama. In this edition praising for new hopes but entitled “Heaven or Hell”,  players had to make their ways and, again, choose sides for peace of misery…

In 1878, the world is on a curve to change since the very beginning of our story in 1860… Ultime Western 2018 “Last Frontier”, last edition of Part 1, bring a lot of answers to unsolved mysteries and ask the players to make a finak decisive choice for life and future: Shall we side progress, its petrole, its financial world, its new powers coming from the big industrial cities of the east ? or, shall we fight to keep the west, our west, our lifes as they are ? J.W Mayfield is a true speculator who made fortune through buying lands and ranches in the west. Little by little, small ranchers give away their lands to this super power owning almost everything.