The world most famous immersive adventure in the Old american west !

The Ultime Western is alive immersive adventure created in 2002 and hit the world for the first time in 2008. This production, open to public, is unique and produced exclusively in the Fort Bravo cinema studios located in Andalusia – Spain. A legendary filming set built in 1963 by the Master Sergio Leone for its Fistfull of dollars trilogy.

The Ultime Western is set in the epic legendary universe of the wildwest and will take you to live several days in time, in a fictional adventure on the american-mexican border. You will discover the two sister little towns, sitting across the border: LaHood, the cowboy and cattle town and Paso del Loco, the mexican pueblo.

A travel in time where reality meets fiction. Investigations, adventures, romance, epic moments for a couple days in time in the Wild wild west !

Registration for the Ultime Western

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