FAQ Ultime Western in English

All you questions on the Ultime Western LARP

Howdy ! Here you will find answers to the main questions on the LARP.


Ultime Western LARP 2014 Edition


– How long last the Ultime Western 2014 ?

The LARP is set on 4 days – 3 nights ( nights are off game) from October 14 to 17th, 2014. At the end, a giant fiesta is organized to share our experiences and have a good fun once again !


– How are roles built ?

Roles for Playing Characters are mainly writtent from your ideas and wishes. We sure modify a little to fit the scenario and you can also let us create from scratch if you have no particular idea. Each role tell the story of a character from its birth till the very minute of the game start, usually a role is between 6 and 15 pages. A little novel to read, giving indications on you spirit, your personal story, your family, friends and foes, …


– What are the game rules ?

They are easy as we don’t want them to block actions and people’s creativity. All action that will not me solved by role-playing, are solved by a simple 32 card game that all PC has with him. Draw a card and check the result ! As simple as this ! For example, who will win a boxing ? Each PC involved draw its card and then you can role play, knowing in advance who will fall !. >> Téléchargez les règles


– When am I supposed to get my role ?

Usually roles are send 2 months in advance. We also give indications before so you can prepare your costume and accessories.


– Is the LARP non-stop playing ?

No, once you decide to go and sleep, you are “off-game”. The game is on till a player continue playing !


– Is there any particular rules or indications for security ?

As you can imagine, the LARP set in movie studios. This location is very important in the movie history and great attention is put to the people playing, to local people and of course the location. Some points are mandatory, as SAFETY FIRST, no smoking inside building, no drugs, etc… Our organization put a real attention to behaviours and respect and we will not hesitate to exclude any person that does not respect or put a risk on someone or the site we play in !


– What is the price of the Ultime Western ?

The price (PAF Don Quichotte) is the part you pay at our association. This money is used to finance the organization (transport, equipements,insurrance,…). For 2014, it is set for €100 (US$ 85) and covers the 4 days of the LARP.


– What is the price to the site ? What’s in it ?

This additionnal part is paid directly to the studios. It covers your lodging, foods (3 meals a day), part of the beverages, the access price to the studio and the Open bar Final Fiesta ! For the previous editions, it was in average €56 per day on a 4 days basis.


– Insurrance and card member ?

Your PAF to Don Quichotte include your membership to the association. It also includes an extra insurrance that covers our association and its members. For foreigners (outside Europe) additional insurrance might be required.


My trip to Spain and Fort Bravo Cinema studios ?


– How to come to Spain ?

Fly in ! to Almeria Airport which is 15mn to the studios. Best deal is to fly to Madrid and then drive (5 hrs) or take an inside flight to Almeria and then get a cab (€35 in average). Car rental in Spain is very cheap, so check it out especially if you plan to visit Spain (Granada, Madrid, etc…). Coming to the Ultime Western is also a good occasion to make a wider trip and discover beautifull Spain. The game is 4 days, it can give you couple extra days to visit. Lodging and food are also very good prices and people are so friendly !


– When can I arrive to the Studios and leave ?

Our deal and lon lasting relation with the Studios allow us to have members coming earlier without extra cost. So you can arrive on site on saturday 11th evening and leave maximum on Sunday 19th. Wich will give you a full week with a 4 days game in. If lodging is OK, foods are not included outside the event dates. Restaurant is available at the studios or at Tabernas, the nearby village set 5mn drive from the site.


Costume and Accessories for your role

– What type of costume ?

No blue jeans or regular shoes… You are in the old west ! A ggod brown pair of pants, white shirt, hat and boots will fit perfectly ! We are not reenactors but a minimum credibility is necessary:-).
– What weapons are used ?

Classic LARP blades (knifes, axes, daggers) but nos medfant style…
– Guns ?

We allow old west replicas, old west toys (if they look a minimum realisitc !) and blackpowder replicas. However, for blackpowded, we only use caps (no powder in the gun). Blank firing guns are not allowed.
– Anything else I might need ?

Except a light, your medecine, cigs, and idealy a sleeping bag (all LARP player has it !)

Lodging and catering on site

– Comment suis-je logé ? Quelles commodités ?

Accomodation will be held directly in the studios where they have wooden cabins or at the production building (1st floor). Cabins have bathroom, beds,…
– Food and beverage ?

Out the game duration (october 14 through 17), your food and beverage are pais directly at Fort Bravo restaurant and saloon. During the game, all is included (except strong alcohol or extras you might want to order). Meal tickets are given at the briefing (meals and drinks).


Other ?

– Ultime Western for horseman ?

If you are Horseman, you will enjoy the Ultime Western ! Wagons, horses, coach, all is there. You will enjoy some trips in the desert around the cities to find stuff (guided by a professional). We have horses available for the game !