Discover LaHood


A cowboy town

LaHood is a typical western frontier town at the end of XIXth century. Virtually located on the New Mexico Territory.

The town is created in 1828 with the arrival of first ranchers and minings.

Living in the west

A Main street leading you to a huge saloon, originally called ‘The Rich Saloon’, its hotels, sheriff office, bank, stores. A small city similar to so many others in the western era. A simple street to cross and you enter Mexican territory and its sister city Paso del Loco.

A land of cattle and ranches

LaHood County is a land surrounded by ranches, a land of cattle, close to the Rio Verde. During winter, pastries are large and climate is still good for cattle. Its cattle business has made the city prosperity with strong development after the civil war.

The LaHood county was up to 8 ranches in 1862, with important owners like John Chisum (sold to Doug O’Connor and Tennessee Lee Lewis in 1863), the Wilcox family and Howard LittleJohn (apparently killed i a saloon in october 1862). Ethan Lorne was also a rich owner of the well-known “Darlington Fork” land property.

End of 1862, gold was discovered n the Norton Ranch and this transformed the peacefull life of the area into a gold rush maelstorm.

The LaHood slaughter…

The terrible massacre of july 1866 did (almost) the headlines of all Newspapers of America. The renegade ButcherBill and its horde of rebels took the city. He ruled the city and the area for 2 years…