The organization

2 years of preparation for each edition
Imagining, preparing and building such a project requires 2 years of organization for each edition because it is necessary to combine the distance of the site (1500 km from Lyon), the accommodation and catering on site of nearly 120 people for a full 5 days NG, and of course the writing of the roles with enough material for 5 days of play for each participant!

As we progress over time, each scenario and the characters involved must be created taking into account the local history of previous editions and of course the actions of the participants who bring the two cities to life. We try to make sure that a character is ideally taken over by the same participant in order to keep consistency, but we do not impose the taking over of the role and prefer to invent an “exit” if the participant wants to play another character. It’s up to us to make you want to keep your hero alive, or at least to organize ourselves so that there is a real coherence from one edition to another. For example, a character who participated in the 2008 edition may very well come back in 2014, we will then imagine why he hasn’t been seen for a long time.

To give you an overview of the work done for each edition by our small team of highly motivated people…

Nearly 4,500 pages of scripts and roles written for the 2010, 2012 and 2014 editions

More than 300 gaming documents (titles, administrative documents, newspapers, etc.)

8 telegraph poles installed for 2012…

A newspaper “The LaHood Chronicle” coming out every morning for 4 days.

1 preparation team arriving 1 week in advance

5 interior decors installed

15 km of paths and tracks explored on horseback and on foot to place the exteriors .