The location

A movie set in the middle of the desert
The game site, Fort Bravo-Texas Hollywood, is located in Tabernas, Spain (about 30 minutes drive from the city of Almeria). The site is at the gates of the Tabernas Desert, large spaces very similar to the real New Mexico. This is the main reason why European directors of the ’60s chose to shoot the legendary westerns there!

Texas Hollywood – Fort Bravo
Texas Hollywood is located in Tabernas (Andalusia – Spain) in the Tabernas desert (the largest in Europe). It is one of the three western villages (poblados) still standing and the only one still active for the cinema. It has had several appellations: Poblado de Juan Garcia, Decorados Cinematograficos, Poblado Paco Ardura, Pueblo Mexicano, Fort Bravo…

There is a Mexican village, an Indian village and a western village.
A number of films and westerns have been shot in or near one of the 3 villages, including those of Sergio Leone and the western village was built for Sergio Leone’s film “The Good, the Bad and the Ugly”(1966).

You get here by taking the state road 340 from Almeria in the direction of Sorbas; after the junction with the C 3326 road and then about 2 kilometers down on the left by a track. A gate (closed at night) marks the access to the site.

The history of Fort Bravo
A bit of history… The site of Texas Hollywood is one of the 3 shooting sites of the region. Originally, there were others, but today, only three are still accessible. Texas Hollywood – Fort Bravo remains the most imposing and has kept the “root” spirit of filming without falling into the “amusement park” concept – The site was bought in the 70s by Rafael Molina, one of the stuntmen of the time, a real fan of western.
For a long time in bulk, it was gradually maintained, repaired, sold as a service for filming (clips, short films, etc.) and has, since the early 2000s, been the subject of a few large-scale film shoots! (Blueberry, Les Daltons,…)

The oldest part of the scenery is the arch where the young “harmonica” is trying to save his brother hanged by the bad guys… This perfectly preserved element dates from 1963. It was built, like a large part of the decoration, on request of Sergio Leone.