The concept

Une aventure Grandeur Nature

A life-size adventure
The Ultimate Western is a life-size western role-playing game (LARP) imagined as early as 2002 and first produced in 2008. It takes place at the Texas Hollywood – Fort Bravo film studios located in the south of Spain. The alliance between a role-playing game with original scenarios, an exceptional and legendary site built by Sergio Leone from 1963 and a real human adventure between participants and Spanish people with a big heart whose hard work consists in maintaining the legend of this cinematic golden age, make the Ultimate Western a life-size adventure out of the ordinary.

The Ultimate Western is organized by the Don Quichotte Association and scripted by the original team of the Ultimate Western 2008 and 2010 with the support of participants from previous editions who decided to join the original team and the creator of the concept.

The life-size role-playing game Ultime Western takes place in the universe of the conquest of the West from 1860 and plunges you into the heart of the life of 2 small border towns adjoining the territory of New Mexico. The city of LaHood, on the American side, and its direct neighbor Paso del Loco on the Mexican side.
Volume 1 (2008 – 2018) will have allowed the participants to live the adventures between 1862 and 1878. Each scenario will evolve into the next. Volume 1 ended in 2018 with the edition “Last Frontier”.

You can discover the pitches of all the editions in the TOME 1 section of the site. You will discover the titles, dates, and the main lines of the scenarios.
Mainly produced in French, an adaptation (international run) is possible to allow the greatest number of people to live this (these) unique and immersive experience(s).