Welcome to LaHood !

This little town, you have seen it already, through films, TVshows, it has been screened so many times, but for once, you will get there in person ! It has a name, imagined to make it real for all: it’s LaHood.

A little dusty cowboy town on the frontier, in the wide open range and heat of the New Mexico territory at the end of the XIXth century. An isolated place but noisy and croweded. There is dust, tumbleweed crossing streets, wood cracking walkways, and all its old time buidlings and businesses. It taste real because it is !

It is here that you adventure begins. It’s in the sand of its street that you gonna walk your boots, that the leather of your gunbelt will crack, and that, with a hand, you will attach the reins of your horse to the pole, facing the saloon. Com’on in ! partner !

So, waiting for the stagecoach from Tucson to arrive, take a wide open look at this: you are in the old west ! All is real, you are here… Welcome to LaHood ! Welcome in the West, welcome in your story, the one you are about to write.

Once upon YOUR time ©

An adventure, a time travelwhere you are the hero for several days ! Investigations, intrigues to solve, action ! All this for (almost) real where you decide, you make your choices and you live the consequences ! More than 100 fictional characters who, like you, will plunge into the epic history of the American Far West!