Simple rules to play the adventure for real !

Our approach of rules to give you the best immersive experience in simple and based on fair-play in order to offer you a large automony in your actions. Rules are therefore easy to understadn and apply during action moments for a maximum effect and style as well as full security for all participants. Fair-play is the key. Attention to others situation and well-being is mandatory. These are the core lines of the immersive adventure we offer you.

General terms - abstract

You will find here abstract to our general terms for 2021 registration.

IMPORTANT : Due to COVID19 epidemic and safety rules and regulations, at this very day, situation may evolve and have an impact on the venue. In terms of organization, global situation in Spain, travels.
Considering the future evolution of the pandemic, we inform you that specific demands might be fomrulated by authorities. Please check before booking your travels.
Nous pourrons également être amenés à mettre en œuvre des mesures sanitaires qui pourraient être exigées par les autorités espagnoles : port du masque, registre de suivi, prise de température à l’arrivée… Ces mesures peuvent avoir un impact sur votre accès à l’événement.
We will keep you posted on eventual modifications due to this situation.
Those general terms might evolve. Stay tuned.
Nous vous remercions de votre compréhension.