Go west yougn man !

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Once upon your time...

Old west town

Discover LaHood - New Mexico Territory


The golden era of the American wild west

The original scenarios of the Ultime Western adventures create a fictionnal history of the american west between 1860 and 1900. Based on historical events and uchrony, you will live a time lapse in an oldwest town in the New Mexico territory
Like in a movie, a tv show, the adventures you are about to live, the character you are about to fit in are pure fiction, although based on an historic context. This context is not reenactment, it is only here to serve imagination, events, and stories you are about to live and experience as an actor of your adventure. You may then cross the real history of historical characters, american historical events like indian wars, mexican revolution, famous gunslingers, lawmen… Many refers to historical facts but only to serve the credibility of your character and the immersion in your own adventure.


The Wild west exists in the south of Spain...

The land we use for the adventure is set to be like a vast area of northern america, including Texas, Arizona, New Mexico and Mexico. This wide open range is desert land, fertile valley and impressive rios. The spanish desert of Tabernas, the only desert in western Europe, is very alike the south west lands of America where our adventures take place. In this fiction, this land is the land of apache tribes, Mescaleros, Chiricahuas et Jicarillas, led by Cochise, Geronimo, the Navajo nation under Manuelito but alos close to the widecomancheria, land of thecomanches and kiowas.

American gather in small towns, usually close to military outposts like Las Cruces, Albuquerque, SantaFe, Flagstaff, Tucson and Phoenix.

From historical context to pure fiction you are about to live

From 1860, it is the great western frontier, the conquest of indian land and large political issues after the american civil war. In the US, the civl war (1861-1865) has been a bloody slaughter, leaving traces for decades. In our fiction, though LaHood and the whole New mexico Territory have been spared, the terrible events of this crucial dark time will have some impact in this forgottent piece of desert. In 1862, the LaHood surrounding lands are owned by cattle barons characters (Howard Littlejohn, Henry Wilcox and John Chisum,…).

Across the border, it is civil war in Mexico between Emperor Maximilien and its european allies and Benito Juarez, chief of the revolution. In Paso del Loco, the pueblo is ruled by Don Del Castillo and General Hermano “El Bruto” de Cordoba.

Between 1866 and 1872, both towns are growing thanks to gold mines, train and cattle business. The open west is still savage, natives are not totally into reservations. This context sets the Ultime Western Adventures.

In october 1872, renegade John-William Rutherford, aka ButcherBill has taken the towns by suprise, imposing hIs own law of violence. Raising hell for 2 years, he ruled the place and ruined the land and hopes of the inhabitants. In october 1874, he is finally gunned down by town folks after his wedding. So then ended up the Ultime Western scenario “The Butcher City Law”.

Good fortune and hopes are back for 1876 and the Ultime Western scenario “Heaven or Hell”. Will this means a new chapter in the adventure you write ? A new era with peace and harmony ?

In 1878, the world has changed since the early days of your trip in the west. The original « Last Frontier » scenario will offer you a unique opportunity to make a stand, to make a choice for the futur. Will you choose to embrace progress, petrole, innovations coming from the east or will you decide to keep the west as it is, as it has always been ? The threatening financial baron J.W Mayfield is a shark speculator, buying land and properties. Ranchers are willing to sell and quit their lifes on the prairie.